Choosing the right footwear is essential for our health, as our feet support our entire weight.

Stylish and comfortable footwear is possible. Sneakers are not the only option for comfort. We propose the all-terrain sandals that combine with everything you propose.

You never know what’s going to happen, from an extended working day, to lunch out, to an afterwork that leads to dinner.


Guardian Angel was created with the idea ” I want to make sandals for women so that they can be very beautiful but very comfortable”.

” I gave it all up when I felt the need to create shoes that I could wear myself. With heels (there are three sizes) but suitable for the after-effects I have suffered since an accident at the age of 14, which prevented me from walking for several months. These after-effects led me to the need to create, first in my imagination, then to test it on myself personally and finally to launch it in the form of a business, this ideal shoe.


The customer who tries it repeats a lot for convenience. My obsession is that they should be like little jewels on your feet, but just as comfortable as if you weren’t wearing heels and that your back doesn’t hurt, nor your head because you’re walking on heels… and that’s where I’ve put all my learning over the last 5 years.