In creation mode

Silvia Loewe. (Journalist and friend)

Making Guardian Angel a reality has been possible because a brave woman from Barcelona chose to involve herself in her own destiny.

Neuroscience tells us that we can live in “survival mode”, or in “creation mode”, and with each new experience, Ana Salvador (1969) has been able to find the motivation to create.

At the age of 14, an accident prevented her from walking for many months. A time of pain and confusion, but she focuses on reaching out to others and already then she is able to consolidate a network of friendships with no expiration date.

And then she began to create, first in her imagination, that ideal shoe, which had to be a caress inside and also outside.

… it can be done, he thinks. But it will have to be done.

Meanwhile, trained in marketing and communication, she directed campaigns and projects for TBWA, INTERVIDA, ELISAVA or IAAC, among others. And she began to design what would become the embryo of Guardian Angel, later made by her own hands, only for her feet. A product made with so much love and talent was bound to develop sooner or later.

And finally, after many years of professional dedication, there comes a moment of change, she meets her current partner, and with his complicity, begins a stage of serenity and inspiration that is fundamental for the project.

The illusion and Ana’s sandals multiply. Many hours of dedication and more and more colors, shapes and styles, designed not only for her feet, but also for everyone else.

In her small workshop in Maresme and working in an absolutely handmade way, she has created together with her partner Angel de la Guarda, to step safely and to enjoy every step…