Creators of  Sandals

In a small corner of the l’Empordà, protected from the winds and nestled between mountains, lies the cove of Tamariu: a small creek of with crystal clear waters; pine forests that go down to the sea; and an amalgam of blues impossible to imagine. It was there where the first collection of Guardian Angel sandals was born.

Sitting at a table in “Es Dofí,” a small and cozy restaurant in Tamariu, where I have shared many times squid, chats and glasses of wine with my friends.



Comfort is not at odds with aesthetics


Among embroideries

“I can be nakead as long as I have the right pair of shoes

(Ana Dello Russo)

“A woman with a good pair of shoes is never ugly

(Coco Chanel)

“The richest woman in the world, 
will not be able to pay me 
to make her ugly shoes”

(Robert Clergerie)

In the workshop we produce following the traditions of medieval craftsmen: leather; embroidery; brocade… We look for noble, natural and ecological materials that maximize the feeling of contact with nature. We work with suppliers from the area  that guarantee a quality control of each material with which we make our sandals. Each model involves a different handcrafted process: from the creation of beads; the crosses of trimmings or embroidery and spinning.


…Maybe because my childhood

Is still playing on your beach

And hidden behind the reeds

Sleeps my first love

I carry your light and your scent

Wherever I go

And huddled in your sand

I keep love, games and sorrows…

o you have any enquiries? ; You don’t know which model to choose? ; do you need any help with  sizes and soles?… Contact us.

We will advise you and help you out  you with your  choice of your Guardian Angel.


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